Are St. Paul students undisciplined?


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Recently, on Wednesday, May 4, a St. Paul elementary school teacher was injured by a student in the first grade. The agitated student flung a chair at the teacher, school officials said. There were no students that were injured during this incident at Cherokee Heights Elementary School but, the teacher did need medical attention according to St. Paul Public Schools spokeswoman Toya Stewart Downey. She did not have information on the teacher’s condition on that Wednesday evening.

The Principal of Cherokee Heights, Melisa Rivera, sent out a letter to the parents saying, “I’m writing to let you know about a serious situation that happened in your child’s classroom today. The classroom teacher was injured by a student who became agitated during an activity. The student was quickly removed from the classroom. Thankfully, no students were hurt.”

A police spokesman, Steve Linders, said this incident happened around 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, and was categorized as an assault. An officer responded but had not filed a report as of Thursday afternoon, Linders said.

Recently, at Creative Arts School, Candice Egan was a substitute and reported an assault to the schools principal. She claims to have asked a 7th grade boy several times to put his cell phone away during class. The boy refused, and when the teacher confiscated his phone the boy reportedly shoved her twice in the chest.

The altercation ended when an aide came into the room and escorted the boy to the Principal’s office. The substitute teacher did not require medical attention.

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