Highland’s Hiway Federal Credit Union

Here at Highland Park High School there are already a lot of basic things that are provided for the students here, but last week a bank was opened in the school for the students do basic transactions such as withdrawals and deposits

The bank will be open from 11:00 am after first lunch and will be open until 12:15 pm. The bank will be run by three Highland Park Senior High students, Eva Clelland, Salyne Vang, and Samuel Vazquez Ocampo. The students were contacted through their counselors about the job opening. The students will be paid, along with getting a school service credit.

~b487695The bank is run through Hiway Federal Credit Union. Along with being able to withdraw and deposit money, Hiway Federal Credit Union is also offering special Highland Park Senior High debit cards. The debit cards will display a special Highland logo on it.

Information was collected from the counselors and students involved in making/running the bank.

For more information, stop by the Hiway Federal Credit Union, or ask your counselor, and don’t forget to signup for your new bank account.

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