How to get ready for PROM!!


1: Find a date and buy the tickets ahead of time because the closer prom gets the more the tickets will cost. Make plans with your date and/or friends before prom to take pictures or eat dinner, depending on your school’s plan for prom. You’ll want to take pictures together to remember this night forever!

2: Choose your outfit well in advance. Look in thrift stores or at sales before prom season to find an awesome dress that works for you without completely breaking your budget.

3: Before prom, try and break in your shoes by wearing them around the house a little to prevent blistering and hurting your feet.

4: Make an appointment for a hairdresser well in advance. This is especially important if your school is a big one, or many schools are having prom on the same weekend.

5: Practice your makeup beforehand. You can get a professional to do this, but it may be unnecessary and expensive if you can make yourself up by yourself.

6: Plan your day. Give yourself enough time on the night of prom to fix your hair, your makeup, and to put on your dress. Pack a small clutch to bring with you. Make sure you have your ticket, photo ID, some money, lip balm, and anything else you might need.

7: Lastly, go into prom with a good attitude and fun spirit and don’t forget JUST HAVE FUN!

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