FFA field trip

The FFA group went on a field trip to Meadow Star Farms. They have 4 different locations: one in Minnesota, one in South Dakota, one in Nevada and one in New Mexico.

Meadow Star Farms has around 8,500 cows at the location that we visited, and it has a milking barn and birthing barn (which are housed in the same building). The FFA group got a tour of the barn. We started with a video about the company and then put on boot covers and went to look at the cow carousel. Then we moved into the main barn and looked at the cows and asked some questions, and then moved on to the milking parlor.

After visiting the main barn we got the chance to go and visit some of the new born calves. When we got done finishing up with the calves we got the option to put our arms up a cows rectum. The purpose of this is to check for a calf.

When we finished up all our actives we had lunch and went to a nearby local farmer’s barn where we got the chance to climb and take a look at some farm equipment. The farmer had a few different tractors and other pieces of farm equipment. That was our day at Meadow Star Farm.

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