Appreciate your elders

Your elders are very important, they are people that have many experiences and wisdom, but are also very under appreciated. Often, we look past all the advice and love that not only our grandparents give us, but many elders like maybe your old neighbor, or someone that has helped you through a rough situation. Many times, it takes a death situation, or a near death situation to realize how much you need your elders, or how much you would miss them.

~b001448A recent picture that went viral online showed a picture of a grandfather known as “Papaw” that was photographed by his granddaughter eating a burger by himself. She captioned that photo “He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. Love him.” This caused a lot of commotion online showing sympathy for Papaw. Many were upset that his grandchildren didn’t show up. Many were upset, but didn’t realize that they may not appreciate their elders either, just in a different manner.

There are many ways to appreciate your elders. One of them can be to express to them how much they mean to you at a unexpected time. By doing this you surprise them and show them you care and were thinking of them. Also, thanking your elders for the little things they do whether it’s the advice they give to you, words of wisdom, their cooking, or for simply being apart of your life. Make your elders feel like they’re needed is also appreciated. Often, older people are not able to do most things that the younger can, so do something with them that you both will enjoy and they can take part in.

~b221820Kenny “Papaw” Harmon, know as the sad grandpa, had a cookout in Oklahoma this weekend and it attracted thousands of people from all over the world. Brock (one of Papaw’s grandkids) said, “The most special moment of the day was seeing my grandpa cry.” He also added that he never saw his grandfather cry before, but there were “a couple of people telling their stories that made him tear up. He was really touched.” Brock said the event helped “make people realize that your grandparents aren’t going to be around forever and to call them up and tell them you love them. Whether it’s in whatever way or form your elders should be treated with respect and love they truly deserve.”

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