ULA Cinco de Mayo

20150855d2355373263ULA (Union Latina) is a club after school that anyone is free to join. The club meets every Wednesday in room 3509. Over the past 2 months, they have been practising and editing bits and pieces of multiple dance routines that they have choreographed themselves for the Cinco de Mayo show at Highland Park Sr. The show will be on May 5th.

Not only is ULA a great way to learn how to dance, but it is also a great way to make new friends, stay involved in school, and also to learn some Spanish.

The purpose of the Unión Latina Club (ULA) is to create awareness of Latin American heritage. This club aims to educate all students by developing a better understanding of Latin American culture, current issues and diversity. ULA also brings together Latino students to develop constructive and cooperative relations and academic support among grades.

The club is open to any student interested in learning more about Latin American countries and their heritage. It sponsors a variety of event such as Cinco de Mayo and Día de los Muertos.

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