The best parks with walking paths in Minnesota

Now that the weather is getting nicer, many of us who enjoy walks and want to get more exercise are looking for places to go for walking. There are many walking paths in the Twin Cities. Minnehaha Regional Park, Swede Hollow Park near Dayton’s Bluff, Fort Snelling State Park, and Harriet Island Regional Park, are some of the walking paths that aren’t too far from the Highland Park area. All these parks have history behind them, and today they are used for site seeing, and are calm recreational places for us all to enjoy.

photo taken from Family Fun Twin Cities

Minnehaha Regional Park is right across the Ford Parkway bridge. It’s known for it’s big waterfall. Minnehaha Regional Park has walking paths along the Minnehaha Creek, it allows you to follow it as it makes it’s way to the Mississippi River. The path is a beautiful, calm environment. Walking along the water can make your walk more exciting. It’s very family-friendly, and pet-friendly, and wildlife is all around. Biking is also available at Minnehaha Park; you can rent bikes for you and your friends and family and biking is a great way to get exercise.

photo taken from Metro Bike Trails Guide

photo taken from The Minnesota Historical Society

Swede Hollow Park is near Dayton’s Bluff on the East Side of St. Paul. It is near the Mississippi River and Downtown St. Paul. This Nature Park has great views of the city, and the change of noises you hear in the park is remarkable; with all the traffic around the park you wouldn’t expect it to be a very quiet and secluded recreational spot. Swede Hollow has bike paths and walking paths all throughout the park. At the northern part of the park, there is a assemblage of stones arranged in circles that are very cool to see.

Fort Snelling State Park was built in the 1800s and is located by the Mississippi River in Hennepin county. It is a great place to go for a day outside and for a glimpse into the life of our past, involving civil rights and the lifestyle that came with it. Some of the State Park’s attributes include multiple hiking trails along the river, a beach for swimming in the summer, tours, and scenes/displays of how it was like to live daily at this military base in the 1820’s. These scenes/displays include the jobs and standards of men in the military, nurses, families, blacksmiths, and slaves. Fort Snelling offers many different opportunities depending on what you are looking for, and it is great for people of all ages.

photo taken from Saint Paul, Minnesota: The most livable city in America

Harriet Island Regional Park is located along the Mississippi and is near downtown Saint Paul, with a bridge as the connection. Harriet Island is one of the most popular parks in the Twin Cities with its beautiful views and spacious grounds. The park offers great scenery and picnic areas, perfect for a day out. These grounds are known to be great for hosting events such as weddings, festivals, etc. Playgrounds, tents, and many hiking and biking trails are available to the public as well.

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