Nordic Skiing

This year at Highland Park, the girls Nordic Skiing team along with some individual qualifiers have been sent to state. Before the state tournament, some of the Nordic Skiers, along with their coach Mr. Moening had been interviewed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.49.18 AM

photo courtesy of Mr. Moening

Mr. Moening was asked, “In what ways had he seen his Nordic Skiers improve from the previous year?” The main focus of Mr. Moening’s answers was commitment. He had mentioned how he had seen more determination among his skiers, not only when it came to preparing for a meet, but as well as exercising in the off season.

Nordic Skiers are recommended to continue cardio exercises in the off season, and Mr. Moening mentions a noticeable improvement in skiers who continue their workouts throughout the summer.

Coach Moening is not the only one who recommends regular exercise. His daughter, Erin Moening, who earned a place among the top ten individuals at the state tournament, would also recommend committing to exercise in off season.

The times earned by the Highland Park participants in the state tournament are available to the public at:



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