March horoscopes for Zodiac signs

Capricorn (12/22 – 01/19)

zodiac sign capricorn horoscope

March is the month of health for you. Focus on your physical and mental health. Make a beneficial change in your routine. Go to the gym or incorporate healthier alternatives in your diet. Better yourself, and accept love. This is a good month for romance, with feelings blooming around the full moon on the 23rd. Open your heart while making sure that these new beginnings are healthy for you.

Aquarius (01/20 – 02/18)


March is the month to recognize your power. Realize the role you play in situations and the effect you have on others. Take responsibility for your part in conflicts this March and try to make peace in a stressful situation that may arise.

Pisces (02/19 – 03/20)


March is the month to find balance. Instability may become a problem this month for you, do your best to find a way to cope and steady these outside stressors. Focus on your goals and find a balance in order to accomplish them.

Aries (03/21 – 04/20)


March is your month for self-control. Urges and impulsive behavior will be your biggest self conflict. Focus on the positives and remember that feelings and emotions aren’t always reasonable. Remember to use your logic and common sense. Keep level headed and you could do big things this month.

Taurus (04/21 – 5/20)


March is the month to focus on your career and goals. Work for what you want in life and earn what you receive. However, make sure while doing this you don’t isolate yourself and get consumed within your craft. In your spare time, spend quality times with understanding friends. People who accept your newly busy lifestyle are the ones to keep around during this time.

Gemini (05/21 – 06/21)


March is the month of new beginnings. Take risks and try new things. Find new hobbies, interests in career paths, and social atmospheres. Go new places and reach new levels in your life. If you have a dream this is your time to chase it. Run on your ambition this month.

Cancer (06/22 – 07/22)


March is the time to find your inner peace. Complications will overwhelm you. The little things may begin to add up and you will feel as if all the weight is on your shoulders. You may need to find a source of relaxation. Try things like working out, meditation, a musical instrument, a painting class. Find your outlet. This is a time of acceptance for what things truly are.

Leo (07/23 – 08/22)


March is the month of insight. Listen to yourself and process your observations on a deeper level. This will help you when having to read the people around you and making judgements on their intentions. Protect yourself but make sure not to come to conclusions too fast. Insight is not factual.

Virgo (08/23 – 09/22)


March is the month of good vibrations. Within yourself and those around you. Release a good aura and it will influence those around you to as well. There will be some complicated situations that may arise near the end of the month. If you don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed, these issues will soon resolve themselves.

Libra (09/23 – 10/22)


March is the month of expression. Share your thoughts and feelings, show your true personality, be bold with your moves, and make positive statements. You have a voice and this is your time to use it. You may find that people in your life have more of an interest in your opinions than you once thought.

Scorpio (10/23 – 11/21)


March is the month to follow your dreams. Whatever you set out in life to do should be pursued. You have the determination and drive. Make your dreams a reality. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Just be sure that it is a healthy decision and will benefit your life. Avoid making reckless moves that will throw you off track.

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21)


March is the month to embrace things. You can’t control everything around you and some things won’t change no matter what you try. Acceptance is key for a content life with moments of happiness. It is okay to be proactive, but sometimes you just need to go with the flow and see where it takes you.


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