Small Animals

Looking for a class to fill your empty schedule? Well look no further!

Small Animals is a class where students get to learn about the history of domesticated animals. Students learn the material by watching videos, working on group projects, and by participating in interactive activities. You learn the knowledge of what to do when buying or taking care of a pet. The class touches on the topics of reptiles and amphibians, pocket pets (i.e. hamsters), and common household pets.

As someone who took the class, I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the veterinary field, or anyone who wants to gain more knowledge on pets.

Still not convinced? I asked a few students to share their opinion about the class along with any new information gained, they said:

Serene: “It’s a really nice class. You learn a lot and Ms. Wedger is a very nice person.”

Betty: “It helped me prepare for the expenses of taking care of it (A house pet). If you’re not planning on raising a pet, do not take the class.”

IMG_0011 copyThe class is taught by Hannah Wedger, also known as Ms. Wedger, and is located in room  3206. Ms. Wedger also teaches Floral Design and Fish & Wildlife Management. She is also the leader of our Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Taking this class for one semester will will earn you both of your Tech credits.

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