SPPS lunch survey

Students have always had strong opinions about the school lunch food, and now SPPS is taking their word into consideration. Recently, more and more students seem to bring their own lunch from home, or simply do not eat. Considering the lower number of students eating school lunch, SPPS decided to dig deeper into why students choose to stay away from school lunches.

On the SPPS website, you can find the menus for meals served weekly, along with stars to rate that dish (1-5; 1: bad, 5: good). Students taking these surveys are hoping that their input on the dishes will be taken into consideration.

In order to take the survey, go to the link listed below and follow these steps:

First, choose the grade (9th-12th)image

Next, pick the school you attend to (Highland Park High School)


Then choose which meal time you would like to pick a dish from


Once you pice the meal time, a calendar will show up with the daily meal offered each day and what foods are a part of that dish.


Pick a specific food. Once this is done, you will see a picture of the food and the nutritional facts.

Give the food of your choice a rating (1-5 stars). This survey also allows you to leave a comment on your opinion of the food.

Regarding the surveys, Italian Dunkers served with corn bread seems to be the most popular dish. Taking this into account, students are hoping that the school will now serve that meal more often, to encourage everyone to eat a good, nutritious meal. Hopefully they will also take into consideration the least popular meal, and either serve it less often or improve what students do not like about it.

This survey has become the beginning of allowing students to leave their honest opinion on their daily school life. The survey also educated the students on the nutritional facts of the foods they are being served daily.


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