New Years resolutions

imageA New Year’s resolution is made when you go into the new year and you want something to change in you, or want your lifestyle to be different. A New Year’s resolution is a big thing. It’s for people to know that it is a great thing to be living another year, and it’s also a time to look back on the old year and see if you want to change. It’s also a time to set goals about what you would like to achieve in the new year.

According to some people we asked around the school, some New Year’s resolutions involved getting better grades, working harder, trying to achieve their academic goals such as getting higher than a 3.5 GPA, and passing in general.

It’s nice to think about because you have another year to improve the wrong things you did, become a new you and start over. As the famous quote says: “New Year, New Me.”

Some specific resolutions were:

  • Jenna’s resolutions involve:
    • Getting better grades in school
    • Playing a sport
    • Improving social skills
  • Marie’s resolutions involve:
    • No more cursing
    • Being more positive
  • Taylor’s resolutions involve:
    • Being more proactive
    • Listening to directions
    • Being less annoying

Resolutions are more like mindset goals rather than random rules. Not only do they help your life become more organized, it also helps outline things you want to improve. We recommend setting resolutions so everything can run smoothly in your life.


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