Black Lives Matter protests

15 people were arrested after protests from the Black Lives Matter activist group took place at the Mall of America and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  This came at a time in which both sites were experiencing their highest amount of traffic throughout the year.

Prior to the protests, the Mall of America filed a restraining order on Black Lives Matter, in an attempt to try and avoid what occurred at the mall in December 2015, when a massive demonstration ended up disrupting businesses and shut down stores. Hennepin County District Court Judge Karen Janisch ruled that organizers of the group would not be allowed to protest at the mall, but said that she could not stop other members of the group from attending the protest.

She wrote: “The Court does not have a sufficient basis to issue an injunction as to Black Lives Matters or to unidentified persons who may be acting as its agents or in active concert with the Black Lives Matters movement.”

~b780177In anticipation for the protests, some stores around the central rotunda closed, and barricades with heavily increased security we set up around the mall. As protesters started to gather, the mall made announcements that the demonstration was unlawful, and asked the activists to leave mall property.

The protest inside the mall was stopped, and a large majority of the group began marching down to the nearby light rail station, as well as the airport. Protestors began to block major roadways to the airport and gathered inside Terminal 1 which caused security checkpoints to close inside the airport. This caused many travel headaches for people traveling during the busy holiday season

All of this stems from recent racial injustices taking place throughout the nation, and more specifically sought to bring attention to the recent shooting of an unarmed African American man in Minneapolis, Jamar Clark.

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