Ask Maria part 2

Since my last “Ask Maria” article I have received a few questions that I will be answering in this article.

One of the questions I received was about how stressful it is to be in a relationship, and also having to focus on school, and how to maintain a balance.

My advice for this is it’s always going to be tough to keep a relationship while having to focus on school. You have to decide whether your relationship is too stressful; if so, I suggest you give each other time as this will help you think more about what you need, and focus on your other priorities. When you feel more clear headed, you can continue your relationship.

If you constantly feel too stressed, and find this relationship affecting you, I think you should consider to end it completely. Having problems is very normal, but not when it causes you tremendous hurting or stress. You need to consider your happiness. Everyone needs a balance, and I think having this peace of mind would be very good.

Another question I received was about how to get out of a depressing state of thinking.

I think most of the change has to come from the person, but there are many activities you can do that can help. I think one important way to think, is with positive thoughts; try to see the light side of things.

Try new things too, as you never know if you’ll love it. Doing different things is also a way to distract yourself.

Try surrounding yourself with positive people, and people that only want to see you happy.

These are the short answers for some of the questions I received for this edition of “Ask Maria”.

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