Your favorite mall just got bigger

If you have been to the Mall of America recently, you may have noticed the large extension to the mall that just opened right before the rush of the holiday season.

~b136450Even before any of the physical additions had been added on, the mall changed their logo in 2013 to start the process of creating a new image.

The mall has also undergone physical renovations to the inside of the main original mall. They started to replace the old dated brown and yellow flooring and uncomfortable benches throughout the mall and put in new modern white flooring and new sitting options. These renovations to the original mall are still happening and will continue until they have completed the modernization phase.

The new additions include a completely new north grand entrance and offers a new modern walkway into the mall. It also includes a JW Marriott and a medium size multipurpose building that they have said will be used for office space, more nightlife and entertainment options and smaller boutique style retail.

The north food court was also revamped and has many new high end food chain restaurants along with a few cheap fast food restaurants, the new higher end restaurants are opening in the near future.


The owners of the Mall Of America (Triple Five Group) have also submitted plans to expand the mall even more in phases. They plan on having the next phase open by October of 2018 and this will include high end retail, a hotel, more parking and much more. By the end of all of these additions, the mall will comprise of 8.8 million square feet.

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