Black Student Union

A new club called Black Student Union (BSU), has started at Highland Park. This club is focused on bringing awareness to problems in the black community, giving back to the community, and educating people about black history. It’s held in Ms. Noah’s room 3312 every Wednesday from 2-3. Other clubs at school that are like BSU are the Asian Culture Club (ACC), Union Latina, and the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

The National Black Student Union (NBSU), was originally in Wisconsin and for undergraduate students, according to the NBSU website. Our BSU at Highland does activities to promote discussion about social injustice issues. Like a privilege walk and presentations about the advantages and disadvantages in our society.

IMG_0454John Edwards, a freshman at Highland Park Senior High and member of BSU, expressed why we need a BSU in our school, “It helps people be aware about issues going on within different groups of our community.”

Kennedy McTeague, also a freshman at Highland Park Senior HIgh and member of BSU, says “It was a fun and reflective place to be. It was a safe place to talk about your ideas and thoughts about issues happening.”

You can follow BSU on twitter @hphsbsu, where there will be profiles of members of BSU and updates about events happening within in the group.


  1. Ms. Morton, AP says:

    Fantastic! And very much needed.

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