Best music apps

In an effort to find out how to best listen to music on a phone, I researched the top two best music apps for the iPhone and Android phones.


The 1st app I found for Android is Google Play Music. The pros of the app are:

  • Being able to upload your music
  • You can save your online music for offline play

And the cons are:

  • It focuses more on its online content than your offline content, so if you’re looking for something that’s solely for offline content you’ll want to look elsewhere

The 2nd app I looked at is Soundcloud for both the iPhone and Android. The pros of the app are:

  • You have the option of either uploading an already recorded audio, or recording it on the spot
  • There are NO LIMITS to file sizes
  • There are tons of music and artists available

And the cons are:

  • That you can’t play the songs offline
  • That some of the songs that you look for won’t sound like the original

The best app I found for the iPhone and Android is Spotify. The pros are:

  • That it’s free
  • You can listen to popular artists

The cons are:

  • That you have to put up with ads on your screen and audio commercials between songs
  • The cost to get Premium varies from $1-10

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