Foodies for thought

Sometimes gift giving to foodies can be difficult, but with this gift guide you and a family member can team up and give the best gifts of the holiday season.

~b238728Many coffee lovers know how tiring the same old flavors of boring plain coffee can get, and how it’s hard to replicate a drink from their favorite coffee shop. The Keurig system takes little pods and turns them into hot fresh cups of coffee. There are many different companies who have teamed up with Keurig, such as Starbucks, to bring to you the flavor of their coffee to your own home. The machine itself can run a little pricey but it is worth it when you don’t feel like going out for a cup of coffee.®-2-0-K550-Brewing-System/p/keurig-2-0-k550-brewing-system

ingredients-nbrxJuicing your food is something that has recently become very popular. Most juicers don’t do your fruits and vegetables justice. The Nutri Bullet RX actually keeps all of the precious fibers that make the fruits and veggies healthy. This makes your juice just as healthy as eating your food in a solid form. Juicers can be very expensive though, for instance if you want the Nutri Bullet RX, but the cheaper the make, the less expensive.

swm_play_starterkit_white_60lGoing out and buying soda for a party can be pretty pricey at the checkout. The Sodastream uses water and flavor pods and creates soda that tastes exactly like the name brand. Water is something that almost everyone has and it is an ample resource. The flavor pods are costly but it is a convenient way to always have soda on hand.


Sandwiches are the classic snack whenever you really need a quick bite to eat. Paninis are something that you used to only be able to get at specialty restaurants, but with a panini press you can finally make them yourself! These can run pretty pricy if you want one that tells you when your sandwich is done, but the cheaper models will also get the job done.

Standalone_1175X1290Using a full size blender can be a hassle when you have little counter space, especially when you’re trying to make lots of sweets for special occasions. This is why a simple hand blender will make any baking job much easier.$uslarge$



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