Friends of Highland Arts (FHA)

By Maeve Gimpl

Friends of Highland Arts (FHA) is a newly launched organization here at Highland that supports both curricular and extra-curricular arts education. Visual, cultural, musical, literary, and performing arts will be supported. FHA believes the arts are a great way to create a stronger community for students, families, teachers, and volunteers.

This new non-profit organization will reach out to the middle and elementary schools in Highland in an effort to support arts programming and to facilitate older students mentoring younger middle school and elementary aged children. The vision is to create a unique Highland Park arts identity.

FHA will also strive to develop community partnerships and funding for arts education. In addition, the organization will provide exciting volunteer opportunities for parents to get involved.

Mrs. Colleen Zuro-White and Mrs. Anne Gimpl (my mom) developed the organization as new parents to Highland Senior last year. Conversations and early reports indicate a great deal of support and enthusiasm for the organization. Highland Park Senior High School’s IB Coordinator Ms. Charlotte Landreau has agreed to serve on the board. After asking what FHA is hoping to accomplish in the near future, Mrs. Gimpl replied, “Right now, Friends of Highland Arts is in its beginning stages. We want to get the word out and create some enthusiasm for our awesome arts programs!”

CALLING ALL THOSE WANTING TO SHOW OFF THEIR EXCELLENT DESIGNING SKILLS: Friends of Highland Arts is looking for a logo to represent their organization. Stay tuned for more info on the HP website.

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