iPads at Highland: What you need to know

Woohoo, we’re getting iPads soon! There are many questions up in the air, and some that are still unanswered. Here are a few questions that might clear things up.

Q: When does HP get the iPads?

A: iPad distribution dates for Highland are Monday, November 17 through Thursday, November 20 in the evening. UPDATE: Distribution has been delayed, keep your ears open for the next date! You will need to go to the school with a parent and make sure the proper forms are signed and receive basic training

 Q: Can I just use my own iPad?

A: Not for all school-related activities. There are certain activities that teachers will require you to use your school-issued iPad. Your personal iPad can be used as it is now.

Q: Can school monitor activity on the school-issued iPad?

A: Yes, anything from app purchases to search history can be tracked. Furthermore, any staff member can perform a spot inspection on the iPad. In general, it is best to separate your school and personal technology to avoid all of these issues.

Q: Can I jailbreak my iPad?

A: You should not attempt this. Every iPad is checked remotely on a daily basis for tampering of the software. Just don’t do it!

Q: Does the case the iPad comes with need to stay on?

A: If you break the iPad and the case it came in isn’t on, you might be liable for the damages caused. Also be sure not to remove any stickers put on the iPad by the district.

Q: Can I install my own apps on the iPad?

A: As long as the app falls within the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology by Students.

Q: What apps does the iPad come with?

A: The list of pre-installed, district approved apps is here

Q: Who can I ask other questions to?

A: Anyone on the HP Genius Squad or Mr. Peterson

Q: What can I do to prepare to get my iPad?

A: Go over the list of apps that come default with the iPad, and think about other apps that could enable it to be more helpful! It may also be helpful to review the SPPS iPad Handbook here.


I hope this answered a lot of your questions! If it didn’t, flag me down in the halls, I’m always available to answer what I can.