Poodle or Lab?

Image taken from: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/two-cute-dogs-standard-poodle-and-yellow-labrador-retriever-gm512335454-87114645

Choosing a puppy to become a new family member is very hard, especially when you don’t know if the puppy will have the right characteristics.

The first breed I want to go over is the Poodle. This dog, in my opinion, is very family friendly and allergy friendly. If anyone in your family is allergic to dogs, you will be able to have a Poodle because poodles are hypoallergenic. This means that they will not trigger the individual’s allergy. They’re also very smart dogs who are able to learn very quickly. The dogs are among the smartest breeds, so  this will make the training a lot easier. They also adapt to new living spaces. These dogs are also very calm when left alone, so chances of separation anxiety goes down. Another benefit that is a huge pro is that this breed will not shed. They have a very thick undercoat but that can go away with haircuts.

The other breed I’d like to go over is a Labrador. This breed is also among the smartest, they’re also known for being the most friendly kind of dog. They’re very easy to train in almost any category. They make a great family pet. Although they’re very intelligent and friendly they’re also a lot of work. They shed a lot and have some separation anxiety making it hard for any plans to be made unless you have a dog sitter. They’re also among the most energetic and seek a lot of attention. These breeds are recommended to anyone who has a lot of time on their hands. They’re the most kind and loving dogs, making them perfect for kids. But they need all of your time. 

Overall, I recommend getting a Poodle or a Poodle mix. They’re kind and everything a Labrador is, but have all a lot of benefits as well making taking care of them a lot more flexible. They’re perfect for anyone, including kids, and even people with any allergies. They’re very intelligent and perfect for a family looking for a new member.

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