Highland softball is the conference champions

On Monday, May 8th, Highland Park varsity softball played in the conference championship game against Como High School to become the 2017 conference champs. Como High School has had a very good season, going 12-3 overall and 7-1 in conference. Como’s great season primarily came from senior pitcher, Kathryn Proper, who had 12 strikeouts against Highland that night.

Highland has had a great season going 10-5 overall and 7-1 in conference. Highland has a well balanced team with lots of fresh, and new talent. For Highland, we have returning pitcher, Jenna Cook (11), shortstop, Chloe Smith (10), third baseman, Bella Ciccarelli (10), and the captains, center fielder, Majeur Tucker (10), and catcher, Hanna Zavoral (12). The rest of the team is filled with excellent incoming freshman that are flexible and can play all positions, as well as many first year juniors that have made a great addition to Highland’s team.

During the Como vs. Highland season series, earlier in the season Como beat Highland 1-0, with the one run coming late in the game. But the second time around, in the more important game, Highland pulled through and took the win, 4-3.

The night was very exciting for both teams, as Como started the night off with hot bats but quickly cooled down as Highland began rallying. Cook had a double in the fourth inning to hit Molly Crandall (11) in making it 1-1.

Then in the 6th, Crandall had an inside the park homerun, bringing herself and Zavoral home, putting Highland up 3-2.

At the top of 7th Highland allowed Como to score 1, making it 3-3. Bottom of 7th Highland had two outs with a runner on second, and Cook up to bat. Cook ended the game with what should have been a sac infield fly, but due to miscommunication on Como’s side, the shortstop and 2nd basemen collided, dropping the ball, allowing Zavoral to score.

The game ended with Highland up 4-3.   

This will be Highland’s 3rd consecutive year winning conference champs. Coming up,  Highland plays Minneapolis South for the Twin Cities Meet on Friday, May 19th, at the U of M field. The Twin Cities Meet is where the two conference champs of Minneapolis and St. Paul play each other. After the Twin Cities Meet, Highland will play in sections, which is still undecided as to who, and when, they will play.

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