Ordway Honors Concert

The Ordway Honors Concert is a district wide opportunity for students, from various SPPS schools, to perform at the Ordway Center and show off their talents. The performances include: choir, band, and orchestra. For students to be able to participate, they had to audition at their school and be accepted.

photo courtesy of Mira Altobell Resendez

I interviewed a friend who participated in the concert. She said there were 3 rehearsals – 2 of which were at Central, and 1 at the Ordway. Each rehearsal was about 4 hours long, but the piece she played was about 20-25 minutes long. She said that the students worked with professional conductors, which was really exciting for her.

Her favorite part about participating was getting to play challenging pieces. It gave her a reason to practice more and get better. What she didn’t enjoy most was that she missed a lot of school days, which made her fall behind in class a bit.

Overall, she said performing at the Ordway was great and exciting; she got to meet and work with new people. It is a great experience to work with people across SPPS. She said she would recommend auditioning to people who are dedicated to music, and are willing to put the time into practicing. She said she would do it again if she was given the chance.



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