Diversity Week

This past week at Highland Park Senior High, from Monday the 17th to Friday the 21st, was Diversity Week, as organized by the students of our Gender-Sexuality Alliance.

(The GSA meets Wednesdays after school in Ms. Ostendorf’s room, if anyone is interested in joining.)

Rainbow flag proudly waving image taken from: ttps://www.washington.edu/wholeu/2015/06/17/pride-week-at-uw/

The Day of Silence is usually an international day solely focused on raising awareness for silenced members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, due to the success of the event in the past, and because of the wonderful diversity of our school, the students organizing it made the decision to expand it into a full week, covering other kinds of diversity and culminating in the Day of Silence.

Each day, leading up to Friday, was dedicated to a different kind of diversity, with an associated color for participating students to wear:

  • Monday was gender diversity day, with red
  • Tuesday was ability diversity day, with blue
  • Wednesday was sexuality diversity day, with green
  • Thursday was race diversity day, with purple
  • Friday, as the Day of Silence, didn’t really have a dedicated color, but students were encouraged to wear white and/or black if they were participating

Friday, then, was the Day of Silence, dedicated to people of all walks of life who are discriminated against and silenced. Many Highland Park students signed up for the day, and were given bright orange pieces of paper explaining why they were silent. They were also given the chance to write on a long roll of paper explaining why they were silent. There was also an option to buy a pin, for support, for twenty-five cents.

The students who organized the event also created a video, recording the voices of dozens of people talking about why they were going to be silent for the day. Though participants were not excused from giving presentations, and similar projects, that were already scheduled, they could hold up the pieces of paper to explain their silence if called on in class. 

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