Hannah Zavoral leading in scoring for girls hockey

This year the 2016-2017 Blades hockey team has been getting a lot of positive attention because of one of their players: Hannah Zavoral.


The Blades is a co-op girls hockey team that brings girls from any St. Paul Public School. In the past, the team has had a hard time getting enough girls to sign up for the team. This year, the team has 24 girls and some even play for both junior varsity  and varsity teams. The coaches have rescheduled games in the past so that junior varsity and varsity don’t play on the same night.

Hannah Zavoral is a senior from Highland Park. She has played for the Blades since she was a freshman. Hannah played defense from freshman to junior year. This year she was moved to forward. Now she is leading in scoring for girls hockey in Minnesota, with 38 goals this season since January 15th. Due to her impressive skills, Hannah has been approached by collage hockey scouts.

Hannah has also had a good impact on her teammates. Helping them gain confidence in their own skills as a team will give the team a winning mindset going into next year’s season without her.

Even though The Blades had a good season, it’s unlikely they will make it to the state tournament this year, but hopefully next year the team will make an appearance.

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