Possible schedule changes for 2017-2018 school year

The Saint Paul Public School Board is considering changing the schedule layout for the 2017-2018 school year. The board thinks that by changing the number of periods we have each day, and/or changing to trimesters, we as a district can save a significant amount of money per year. Here are some of the options the school board is considering.

  • Having a 5 period days over trimesters instead of semesters.
  • Having a 6 period day with 55 minute periods in semesters
  • Keeping a 7 period day with 47 minute periods in semesters
  • Having an alternating block schedule, “A days & B days”, with 4 periods of 75 minutes each period, in semesters.

Switching over to trimesters could have some benefits but also some complications. Trimesters would allow students to take more classes each year than they would under a 6 period day with semesters. Students could join a support class without risking graduation credits. Some complications with trimesters include a harder schedule to create. Also, any schedule change of the student may have multiple complications as counselors would have to schedule students 3 times per year instead of 2. Trimesters also would allow students to transition more often per year, so that could be good or bad depending on the student.

image2I asked 3 students their opinions on the possible schedule changes and they all had something a little different to say. Cecilia Velazco, a Sophmore, said she would like A days and B days “because it would be different everyday. I wouldn’t get bored all the time.” David Ramirez, a Junior, thinks “Having only 4 period days would get to be boring. Teachers can barely keep student attention how it is now. I cant imagine staying engaged all 75 minutes.” Mayte Rodriguez disagrees, she says “Having 5 period days would be nice. It would allow more time for teachers to thoroughly explain material.  And it might make our homework load lighter”.

Despite your feelings about the schedule change posibilities, in the 2017-2018 school year, it looks like we won’t have a 7 period day with quarters.

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