Vikings Stadium fundraiser for HP

This year, students have an opportunity to fundraise for their club by working at the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. The representatives of the new U.S. Bank Vikings Stadium came to our school and offered an opportunity to any sports team, club, or travel group, that needed help fundraising, by allowing the groups a opportunity to volunteer, to work a variety of jobs during a game at the Vikings Stadium.

Some of these jobs involved managing a dessert cart for a suite in the stadium. This meant that you and a group of people would take a big cart of many desserts and go to one of the suites assigned to your group, and offer those desserts to anyone who was interested.

Then, the other job in the stadium is being a runner. This is when a select few are chosen to help bring food supplies, items, and materials to many places around the stadium that request those things during a game.

img_2327Parents are also allowed to volunteer, and work a game as well, as when a single person works one game they raise $100 for themselves to put towards their group of choice. 

It’s a pretty cool experience to work in a place like the stadium because it gives you a chance to see the new interior from the inside, and when your group is on a break, you get to see some of the game from an entrance to the field.

When you work depends on when the Minnesota Vikings face another football team at U.S. Bank stadium, and sometimes, there will be other special events that you can volunteer to work at as well, like a monster truck rally, or a monster supercross, etc.

I have worked 2 games this season so far and I have raised over $200 for a couple of clubs and groups that all work together to help fundraise. I think this is a great way to help raise money for your group while working at the new U.S. Bank stadium.

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