6 period school days

b553615While the St. Paul Public School Board is still deciding whether to change the school start times, a motion for days to be cut down to 6 periods is already in motion. The current school day at Highland Park Senior High consists of 7 classes spanning about 45 min each with a lunch of 20 min in the middle of the day. This new format would have 6 classes spanning about an hour each and with the same lunch time of 20 min. This system, much like the the school start times, could benefit students and hinder them at the same time.

Many students will have one type of class that they enjoy taking, and they will take that type of class every year. For example, many students like band, orchestra, art classes, and PLTW technology and engineering classes, and they will take one of these classes each year. This can benefit the students in a few ways. They can learn more about things that interest them, and colleges will give thousands of dollars in scholarship money to students who take these classes each year. When the school changes from a 7 period to 6 period day, students will no longer have that extra period to take a class of their choice. They would likely need to take a specific class to earn the correct credits.

A benefit of a six period day is that it will give more focus on the core classes of: math, science, English and history. This can be good because some classes like study hall have the same amount of time as science or English classes. This will limit the number of classes that don’t pose much benefit, such as study hall. Giving more time to the classes that need more time to learn will make it easier on students and teachers.This will allow teachers to not rush classes or deadlines because of the short time students have in class. This might limit homework with more time in class to work on assignments.

In the end, the change to 6 periods can benefit some people more than others. Some people, such as the people who always take an elective of their choice, will be rather hindered by this change. However, people that take all sorts of classes, and do not prefer to take one specific type of class, may benefit more by the change.

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