Fall 2016 fashion trends

For those who like to keep “in style,” follow the trends, or are wondering what to get next time you go shopping, this article is for you. From fabric to footwear, the fashion is always changing with a few classic styles continuing to stay relevant from year to year. The colors of the changing leaves continue to be the ideal clothing colors for fall wear, with most bright colors being retired for the year.

Specifically, Fall 2016 is all about cool fabric, alternative streetwear with a twist, and some similar styles from last year – including faux fur and layering. Below you will find examples of the hottest fashion trends currently.

The Color Tan

Tan is in! Any shade, any piece of clothing, any accessory, the subtle color ironically adds a pop of color to a neutral, sleek look.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets are short, cropped, and typically zip-up or have buttons. Stores are selling them in a variety of colors and most that are in style now have a shiny/sheer quality to tie together the smooth style.

Knit Sweaters

They are making a comeback! In a variety of colors, patterns, and lengths, knit sweaters have been all over the runway. The revived style is now being paired with almost anything but specifically skirts or denim and thigh high suede boots.


Bodysuits are the one of the biggest trends of the year. They are shirts/tanks/sweaters with a snap attachment underneath the crotch to keep the shirt in place and give a clean, tucked in look without having to re-tuck and fix lines/bulges every time you stand up like most regular shirts when tucked in.


Designers this year created a different take on satin. Originally used for things such as blouses, slips and robes, the material is being used for other items of clothing, including pants, to create a unique looks.

Knee/Thigh High Boots

Knee and thigh high boots are a fall essential, providing style and warmth. This year the material of boots are expanding to things like velvet and suede in a variety of colors. They are used to tie several looks together such as denim, dressed, oversized hoodies, and more.


Chokers are making a comeback as well. From black fabric to diamond studded, chokers have made appearances at almost every red carpet this year. The make a statement and are a girl’s new favorite accessory.

Velvet Everything

Quite possibly the biggest fashion trend of 2016 is velvet. The eye catching fabric has been used to create any and every piece of clothing at accessory. It provides anything from a goth to chic vibe depending on what color it is and can be paired with other fabrics or accessories to give a dressed up or casual look.

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