Fall sports

hphsFall. It’s something a lot of us look forward to. From going back to school (just to see your friends), to wondering if Halloween is just around the corner, or when winter break finally starts. But no one else looks more forward to fall than the athletes participating in this year’s fall sports. From football to girls swimming, girls volleyball, boys soccer, cheerleading etc. these athletes have been waiting all summer to do what they love the most.

“I love a good challenge for these athletes and just seeing their energy and dedication that they have when participating…” said Pat Auran, Highland’s newest athletic director. “It’s a rewarding and comradery type of atmosphere.”

During this small interview I had with Mr. Auran I asked him what it means to be a great athlete. His response was:

“School always comes first, always. No exceptions, it just does, that’s why so many athletes have a greater chance of graduating when they participate because they know that if they don’t get their homework in they can’t play or they get put on academic probation…” He added, “I feel as if sports is just an extension of school. Think about it: you have seven classes in a day so just think of it as your eighth [class]. They’ve also got to be proud of our school [Highland], I always encourage school spirit it brings the school closer in some ways and after all they’re representing our school. I also expect them to be respectful towards others and themselves 100% of the time.”

I had also asked him what it means and what it takes to be a good coach (or assistant coach) for the athletes. He said, “They’ve got to be able to get along with the athletes and feel like they’re just having fun with whatever sport they chose to be in. The coach also has to be approachable. Besides being their mentor and help the kid achieve their goal we’re helping these bright athletes transform into mature adults that could eventually help them in the long run. We try our best to help these kids be prepared for their future.”

“So far, it’s been a great season for all sports that are going on right now. Sure we may not have won a ton of games, but the spirit the people have when they’re on the stands is incredible. The Washburn vs. Highland game for football was a loss for us, but the crowd in the Highland area stayed throughout the whole game. Win or lose the people stayed to show support for our school and that’s something I’d like to see at all games.”

For more listings about when and where the next games/meets are for each sporting event, you can go on the Highland Park website and click on the athletic calendar for more information, or follow this link: http://sports.spps.org and go show some school spirit and support!!


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