Highland Park Senior Class 2016 graduation


photo courtesy of C. Lambert

The day June 8, 2016 will now be remembered for the graduation of Highland’s 2016 Senior Class. On that night, friends and family of the graduating class gathered together to celebrate this monumental night in all of our lives. The ceremony was held at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown Saint Paul, and started at 5:30 p.m.

The night was kicked off by the Highland Park Symphonic Band, directed by Joel Matuzak. The Symphonic Band was followed up by a welcome speech from the Senior Class Advisor Charlotte Landreau.

Once finished, the Highland Park Concert Choir, conducted by Kate Mendenhall sang the National Anthem. The National Anthem was followed by greetings from Michelle Walker, as well as Zuki Ellis. After their greetings, the Concert Choir sang their final peace “Seasons of Love”.

After the Concert Choir sang, members of the Senior Class Council stood on the stage and gave their greeting speech. The Class Council speech was followed by a soloist performance from Claudia Stensrud of “Unwritten”.

The Student Valedictory Speech came next, presented by Leah Kanihan.

Then the Symphonic Band played another piece, before Richard Jensen (who had been chosen by the graduating Senior Class) gave his Commencement Address.

This was followed by Dr. Winston H. Tucker’s presentation of the graduating class, and Mary Vanderwert Conferring of Diplomas.

Then came the Presentation of Graduates, who were welcomed up on stage by members of the Senior Class Council.

Lastly was the farewell, arranged by Joel Matuzak and the Symphonic Band. Friends and family were then invited to meet the graduates in Tower Hall, where they received their diplomas after the ceremony.

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