Cinco de Mayo

First, before I talk about Cinco de Mayo in Minnesota, here is some basic history about it. If you look into Cinco de Mayo history you will find out that the French did eventually take over the Mexican army. However, Zaragoza {Mexican general} did win the battle on May 5, 1862 against all odds. It was two heavily armed French army soldiers for every one Mexican soldier with few weapons, yet Zaragoza and his men won. Ever since this battle on May 5,1862 each year they celebrate this memorable day.


image taken from Visit St. Paul

Here in St.Paul, MN, they celebrate this day with style. They have a half an hour long, and sometimes a full hour long, parade on Concord Street in  West St. Paul. They invite the whole community to participate in the parade.

Following the parade there are fun events you can do for the rest of the day. Bouncy houses for the kids, concession stands for the whole family, and of course there are adult zones. They also have a bunch of food stands selling Hispanic food.

At the end of the day, everyone should leave the celebration tired but happy knowing they had a good day.

If you have never been to the celebration I suggest going. You won’t regret it.

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