Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers across the country work hard everyday and often go unappreciated. This year, Barack Obama signed a proclamation making this week (May 1st-May 7th) officially teacher appreciation week. Some students might not know exactly how you can show your teacher how much you appreciate them but these are some things you can do or buy for your teacher to show them just that according to an article from Education World.

  • Write them a handwritten note – Teachers like to know what they do to engage you while teaching so write them a handwritten note talking about what you like most about their class. Making it handwritten shows that you put a lot of time and effort into it and shows that you care.
  • Bring them a treat – This can be anything from an apple to cookies. Before hand, you could ask them what their favorite snacks are so you have a general idea of what to get for them.
  • Give them a gift card – Gift cards to places like Target are helpful because teachers always need supplies!
  • Give them a bag of coffee or a box of tea – Teachers often stay up late grading work so giving them coffee or tea will help them out on those late nights.
  • Show them respect – Even though this is something students should always do, make sure to especially show them how much you respect what they do for you everyday of the school year!

Even if you don’t have the money or if you’re too busy to write a note, just tell your teachers how much they do for you sometime during the day, it only takes a few seconds but it makes a difference.

Teacher Appreciation Week!


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