Would an extended spring break benefit students?

Upon returning to school after the end of spring break, I was one of the many angry and exhausted students who wished spring break had been even just a day longer.

The next day, upon waking up, I realized that yes, I was not excited to return to school, but I would have to return eventually. This got me thinking about whether this feeling of agony was normal, or, would I feel even the slightest bit better if spring break were extended. Thus came the question: Would an extended spring break benefit students?

Spring break is a week off of school that tends to follow the end of the third quarter. This week off of school is very beneficial to students for several reasons. 

Not only do students travel, and spend time with family and friends during spring break, but this week off of school gives students time to destress, which in turn benefits students’ health. The de-stressing that occurs over spring break is especially helpful because it allows students to come back to school during fourth quarter, which can be seen by students as the hardest quarter, more energized and alert. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, the stress that most students feel during school has many negative effects on their bodies including mentally, emotionally and physically.

Some of the common physical effects include low energy, stomach aches, shaking, muscle aches and pains, and frequent colds or infection.

Mental and emotional effects that are often experienced due to stress consist of anxiety, depression, feeling constantly overwhelmed, the inability to relax, low self esteem, and becoming easily aggravated.

These effects can be very harmful to students. Physical effects can become much larger problems, and mental and emotional effects can cause students to withdraw from those they are closest to, affecting more then just their school life. 

Although the week off of school gives students sometime to destress, one week doesn’t seem to be enough time to fully benefit students throughout the last quarter.

Another week of spring break, or even a few more days could give students several more advantages.

For the teachers that assign homework over the break, this would allow students to both complete the assignment and have free time, instead of choosing to do either or.

This extra time could also be used to help students form a plan for the fourth quarter and going back to school. These days could also be used as an opportunity for students to regulate their sleep schedule so they aren’t exhausted their first day back.

While these days could be beneficial to some students, it’s very likely that students would use these days for non school related things, which may benefit their health, or social and home life, but not their academics.

Also, extending spring break means that students would either extend the school year further into June, or take away the three day weekends that students wish for every week.

So, would an extended spring break really benefit students?

After pondering all these things, I conclude that an extended spring break would not benefit students all that much. Yes, some students may take advantage of theses days and actually do something productive, but a majority of students, including myself, would most likely sleep in and do a brainless activity, such as binge watching a Netflix series.

However, there is another solution to revive students upon there return to school after spring break: take it easy on students. Please teachers, no pop quizzes to see what information we retained over spring break, because it will most likely be nothing but disappointing. This solution also includes students being nice to each other.

As students, we just have to suck it up and show up to school and at least try to learn something. After all, we are lucky to have a free education.

Happy fourth quarter!

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