Senior Fail List

With the final quarter of the year now in session, many seniors are preparing to take their final exams and move on to graduation. However, in the past, there have been incidents where some seniors begin to slack during their final weeks of high school which has caused them to not graduate on time. A common saying that applies in this situation is the “Senior Slide”, and counselors want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. It’s a depressing time for the counselors, as they have to compile a list of students who are at risk of failing a class during the fourth quarter, and the last thing they want to do is make a call home to your family telling them that you won’t be graduating with the rest of your class.

There are certain criteria that is used for the Senior Fail List, and just because you have been placed on the list doesn’t mean that you won’t graduate on time, it just means that you are at risk.

The criteria used for the list :

  • Failing English, or have failed an English course in the past. You need to have passed 4 years of English to graduate high school.
  • Failing Social Studies or have failed Social Studies in the past. You need to have passed 4 years of Social Studies to graduate high school.
  • If you have had poor or spotty attendance throughout the year, you may be placed on the Senior Fail List.
  • If you have had a poor track record with turning in assignments on time or wait until the last second to turn assignments in.

The Senior Fail List will be released during the first week of May. Good luck to the class of 2016 during their final months of high school!


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