HP Blood Drive

image1The HP Blood Drive started on March 18, 2016 in the field house. The Blood Drive is where students ages 16 and older can donate blood to The Red Cross. The Red Cross needs a large amount of blood and high schools help to supply it. To be able to donate blood for them, you have to sign up and get a permission slip from your parents. Then you check in at the field house and do a couple of blood tests.

Before giving blood, you need to drink tons of water and get enough food. After donating blood, you may feel lightheaded, you may throw up, or even pass out. The blood testing can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. After this, the people who are in charge will give you snacks to replenish the blood lost.

I went down to the field house and asked a few students why they decided to donate their blood.

Axel (Junior) : Thought it’ll be cool, I’m always down with new experiences.

Nungkeo (Junior) : I wanted to save somebody’s life.

Kelly (Senior) : Wanted to help people, it’s my third time.

Alec (Senior) : Cause giving blood is good.

Fox (Junior) : Cause I felt like giving.

There were approximately 60 students who helped donated blood to The Red Cross. Helping out is always nice, by just doing this, you can save a person’s life or help those in need of blood. If you feel like giving blood then go for it, like those students we interviewed. You don’t need a reason to give blood for those who need it. Hopefully, The Red Cross collected enough blood from high schools.


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