Minnesota caucus

During one of the most important days of political campaigning for the upcoming presidential election, known as “Super Tuesday”, Minnesota voters proved once again that they are quite different politically than many other states. During caucus night we experienced lines from high schools and churches spread into the streets, and the amount of people coming out to caucus was shattered. This night was one of the biggest political days in recent history for Minnesota. In 2008, the number of Republican voters that attended the caucus was around 62,000. That record was shattered into a billion pieces as that number increased to 115,000, nearly doubling in size! With Democratic voters experiencing the same numbers it isn’t a surprise that voting lines were so long.

But let’s get to what was most important, the results. Minnesota voters proved that they are not big supporters of the front running candidates. On the Democratic side of things there were really only two possible candidates you could cast your vote for, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. After it was all said and done, there was no question about it, Bernie Sanders was able to take Minnesota with 63% of the votes, which was a huge win for his campaign. During Super Tuesday Sanders was also able to capture wins in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Vermont. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was able to claim more victories as she won in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Currently Clinton is leading Sanders in the delegate count and the upcoming states like California will be vital if Sanders wants a chance at the Democratic nomination.

Rubio10With a record Republican turnout this year, you would think that a large portion of that crowd would be new incoming voters who have had their eyes opened by Donald Trump, however that most certainly was not the case. Republican voters did not show Trump the amount of love that they have in many other states. Here, Marco Rubio took the crown with 36% of the votes, with Ted Cruz coming in second with 29%, and finally Trump third with 21%. Minnesota would be the only state that Rubio would claim on Super Tuesday, as Trump and Cruz would take the wins in all the others. Donald Trump is currently leading the Republicans with 460 delegates, while Cruz is in second with 370, and Rubio in third with 163. Just like the Democrats, the Republican party will rely on the upcoming states to really determine who will get that nomination.

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