Curling irons: How to achieve the curl you want

The Curling Iron

This has been used as the primary heated tool to create fake luscious curls since the 1800’s. Many people have these but don’t know the different techniques that can be used to achieve the kind of curl you desire.


The smaller the iron, the tighter the curl.


Styles based on size:

2” barrel
Relaxed Waves (Best for medium/long hair)


This is a nice look for a casual everyday on the go vibe.

1.75” Barrel
Loose Waves (Best for medium/long hair)


Perfect for everyday wear or even casual dress wear

1.5” Barrel
Voluminous Curls (Best for Medium/Long Hair)


This is a loose curl but produces a lot of volume especially if you have longer and thicker hair. This is a good hairstyle when trying to spice up your look.

1.25” Barrel
Medium Loose Curls (Best for Medium/Long hair)


This is more of an elaborate curl. It can be more time consuming than some of the other styles but is worth it for special events or when you want to enhance your look.

1” Barrel
Full Curls (Good for short to long hair)


This is a sleek put together look that gives you a sophisticated or a sweetheart exterior depending on what outfit you match it with.

¾’’ Barrel
Vintage curls


This look in a voluminous alternative for people with bobs or shorter hair. However, if you have longer hair than shown in the picture it will give you ringlet curls that give you an extra bubbly, youthful look.

⅜’’ Barrel
Tight, spiral curls (best for short/medium hair)


This is the tightest kind of curl. It will work on all lengths but lasts the longest on people with thinner and shorter hair because the hair will hold it the best.


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