A personal what?

imageI have a question, who actually took time to do their personal project?

After asking 10 different sophomores, 8 out of 10 said that they had.

The IB MYP Personal Project is a project completed by sophomores at Highland Park Senior High. It is an opportunity to express a personal interest as well as the development of a student’s writing and thinking skill. The project consists of three parts: journals, a paper, and the product. The paper is typically due in the middle of February and the final product is presented in a showcase around spring. The full completion of the project overall takes a year.

The project is first introduced to students at the end of their freshmen year. This gives them the chance to explain and decide what they actually want to do for their project. Then later at the beginning of sophomore year, students are assigned an adviser who will help them and lead them through their project. Each adviser is assigned about five students. This gives them (the advisers) a better chance to actually sit down one-to-one with each student to keep them on track. Each student gets the chance to meet with their adviser three times before actually completing and turning in their project.

Now that you know about the project, let’s ask a few of our HPSH sophomores about it. I asked 10 students (the same 10 from the beginning of the article) the following question: Do you think you were provided with enough help? Here are some of their answers:

Danasaja: “No I didn’t {Receive help}. I had to ask other students.”

Mohan: “Little help on the journals, but I did fine on the final paper.”

Sydney: “There was not  enough structure, but yes, enough help was provided.”

Even though there wasn’t a lot of positive feedback, the project does help us prepare for being independent for our adult lives. The project can become time consuming when we have other homework to focus on.

After taking a poll from the same 10 students, 6 out of 10 were proud of their final products. Even thought it wasn’t favored, many were proud of their final product.






  1. Diana Morton says:

    All five of my advisees completed their projects and papers. I was impressed with the wide variety of interests and the degree to which students reflected and experienced personal growth. Way to go, IB Learners!
    Diana Morton, Assistant Principal

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