The lowdown on FFA competitions

~b696137Have you ever heard anyone use the acronym FFA? Have you ever wondered what they’re talking about? FFA used to be call Future Famers of America but not everyone is FFA wants to be a farmer, so now we call it Future For Agriculture. There is more then just farming going on in FFA including competitions.

Basic set-up of competition: When you get to the competition your adviser will check you in. Everyone is given a piece of paper, which will be their answer sheet for the entire competition. There are three sections to the competition, and each part includes fifty questions. Each section has a forty-five minute time limit.

Competition example – Small animals FFA competition: What goes in to a small animal competition? There are three parts to the competition.

The first part is identification. There are 150 animals that you need to know plus 20 parasites that you need to know. They will only ask you about fifty of them though, and you don’t know which ones will be included.

The second part is the exam with fifty questions  about basic information about household pets. The test will ask you about anying from when your dog needs a bath to what diseases your cat has.

The practicum is the last part. You have to name all the parts of a given animal, including the bones and organs. You also have to be able to answer real world questions like how much dog food will cost for a specific amount of time.

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