Mirror mirror on the wall… At Highland Park?!

As many of you may have noticed, the halls are buzzing with talk about new installments on the first floor girls bathroom– the mirror and trash can. There has been much discussion about what exactly is the cause of the increased amenities. As students, there have been private complaints for years about the lack of mirrors in the bathrooms, but these concerns haven’t reached the administration…Until now. “This came out of student concerns,” says Ms. Morton. At an SPPS facilities planning meeting, several students, Juniors Katherine Jossi, James Farnsworth, and Ryan Ross, mentioned the want for mirrors and bathroom amenities. Soon enough, the Highland Park head engineer, Kevin Martinson, was taking the step to ensure that these needs were met.

This story emphasizes a functional link between the administration and student body, and shows the reward in students being more vocal about what they want. Increased communication between administration and students could be an important channel to articulating student needs that are often overlooked. The mirrors are not the end; thanks to the work of several students, there is more to look forward to. Highland Park will also be the recipient of at least two new drinking fountains with a feature to fill water bottles. Of course, having nice things comes with responsibility. Ms. Morton cautiously reminds students that “If you like the changes, take care of them!”


Audrey Dombro is a junior at Highland Park Senior High.

Natalie Duncan (11) was also a contributor to this article.