Student Council (STUCO) – Winter Pepfest

On Friday, winter pepfest was held in the Highland varsity gym during 7th hour. Pepfest is an event sponsored by Student Council (HPSTUCO). It was originally scheduled for Friday February 28th, but due to school being cancelled because of the snow, it had to be rescheduled to Friday. After a week of waiting, school spirit was high. Final preparation by the HPSTUCO Pepfest Committee was complete, and the event finally arrived.

On pepfest days at Highland, there’s a tradition of having “Class Color Day”, where you wear your class shirt to school. Freshman = yellow, Sophomores  = green,  Juniors = blue, and Seniors = red.


Pepfest is a time to celebrate school spirit and the achievements of Highland staff, students, alumni, and community members. The agenda on Friday included updates from the captains of Highland’s winter sports teams, a captains planking contest, announcements from Dr. Tucker and Ms. Morton, and performances from the girls and boys basketball teams, the gymnastics team, and the dance team. The atmosphere in the gym was overwhelmingly positive and supportive, a great reminder of the rare privilege it is to have the whole school come together for a celebration. Special thanks to the HPSTUCO Pepfest Committee and to Ms. Rohweller and Ms. Hedwall for all your hard work in putting the event together!









You can follow the HP Dance Team on Twitter at: @HPDanceTeam