The wildest ending in Super Bowl history

Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots, defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28, in overtime, to win the Super Bowl.

In the first quarter, not much happened offensively for the 2016/17 season MVP Matt Ryan, of the Atlanta Falcons, as the first quarter ended 0-0.

In the second quarter, Devonta Freemen ran it in for the first Atlanta touchdown. The Falcons then got the ball back and scored again, this time throwing it to the tight end, Austin Hooper, for another touchdown, making it 14-0 very quickly. Even though no team has ever come back from being more than 10 points behind, the Falcons were still relentless. Tom Brady ended up throwing an interception, which was returned for a touchdown by Robert Alford, a starting corner for the Atlanta Falcons, making it 21-0.  The Patriots got some life back by kicking a late second quarter field goal, making it 21-3 at the half.

The Falcons started the second half the same way they did in the second quarter – scoring a quick touchdown making it a 28-3 game. Matt Ryan threw his second touchdown to Tevin Coleman. Brady then finally threw his first touchdown of the game, late in the third quarter, giving Patriots fans hope in a comeback. That hope quickly went away though, as Gostkowski, the Patriot’s kicker, missed the extra point, narrowing the deficit to 19 points going into the 4th quarter: 28-9.

Matt Ryan was sack fumbled by Donta Hightower, but the Patriots could not capitalize with the great field position they had and settled for a field goal making it 28-12 in the 4th quarter, with 9:44 left in the game.  Atlanta got the ball back, but didn’t do much with it as they went 3 and out. Tom Brady then drove down the field, once again, and threw a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola. The Patriots were successful in their 2 point try making it a 20-28 game. The Patriots somehow got the ball back again with 3 minutes left, scoring with less then a minute on the clock making it 28-28 and sending the game to overtime.

The refs called the coin toss for possession in overtime. The Patriots selected heads and the coin flipped heads. The Patriots selected to receive the ball, and they drove down 75 yards and scored the game winning touchdown, making the game 34-28, and completing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.


Highland Park falls short of a State appearance once again

The Scots lost for the second time in a row, in the Section Finals, to Fridley, a team they had beat earlier in the season. Had the Scots beat Fridley, they would have made their first State Tournament appearance in the school’s history. The Scots came back from a 28-7 deficit, but it wasn’t enough in the end as they fell 49-40.

This season has been full of many up and downs.  Some of the highlights include beating the Fridley Tigers in the regular season at their homecoming.  The Highland Scots also got the Musket back as they beat the Central Minutemen, at Central, beating them 21-14 and ending a 6 game losing streak in the musket bowl to Central.

Next season the Scots will be facing 5A teams, unlike this year where they faced many 4A teams, so they will see much better competition then they did this year.  The Scots will also be losing key Seniors, such as team captains Will Conzet, Amitri Collins-Westlund, and Antonio Ortiz.

Key Sophomores and Juniors will need to step up in the next offseason if they want to be the first to make it to the State tournament after losing in the section finals the last couple of years.

The Scots end 6 year drought and bring the Musket back to Highland


The Highland Park Scots faced the Central Minutemen at Central for the annual Musket Bowl.  The Scots arrived at James Griffen stadium a full hour before the Minutemen made their flashy entrance 15 minutes before the game began.

The game had started with the Scots receiving the ball first and they scored quickly, but the Minutemen answered immediately the next drive making it 7-7 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Amitri Collins scored a touchdown making it 14-7 at half.

In the third quarter, Opi Aghenu, of the Minutemen, scored his second touchdown tying the game at 14-14.

In the 4th quarter the Scots drove down the field and scored another touchdown.  The Scots held on defensively for a 21-14 victory.

The Scots are heating up after their 1-3 start, winning their last 4 straight, including the Musket Bowl.  The Scots now have a chance to make history and enter the state tournament as they play Fridley once again in the section finals.

Homecoming football spirit

A typical Homecoming week at a high school consists of a home football game and a dance. Highland Park Senior High had their Homecoming week starting on Monday, September 25th. The weekdays were the days that had themes which mostly had something to to do with your clothing. To end the week a pep fest was held during 7th hour on Friday. The after school activities were where the real fun started for Homecoming week at Highland though.

The Homecoming dance was held on Friday, September 30th in the field house. The theme this year was “A Dance in Paradise” which brought along some cool decorations. The Field House was decorated in colorful green, yellow, and red leis with green wallpaper hung up. The dance itself had about 100 students attend, which was down from last year’s attendance numbers. The DJ at the dance was the same as the Boat Dance from last school year, and did an okay job, but we felt like the people at the dance could have had more energy.

The dance seemed to be the culmination of a lack of spirit during the weekdays of Homecoming at Highland. Homecoming is an opportunity to have fun with your friends and support your school, but we didn’t feel like that’s what was happening at our school for most people.

The bright spot of Homecoming week, by far, was the football game. We felt that this was the exception because people really wanted Highland to win and we felt like that made a great atmosphere on a beautiful day.

homecomingThe Homecoming football game was on the Saturday after Homecoming week, against the St. Anthony Village Huskies. The game had a very positive start, with a rushing touchdown by Amitri Collins within the first few minutes of the game, and at half time, the Scots were ahead of the Huskies.

During half time, the dance team debuted a new dance that they had been working on to the song “Salute” by Little Mix. The HPSH band also played a moving tribute to Prince by marching and playing to the song “1999.”

After half time, the Scots continued to score more touchdowns, and by the end of the game, the Scots had brought home an impressive win with a score of 64-28. This improved Highland’s record to 2-3 on the season.

Homecoming this year was rather lackluster in many people’s opinion, including the author’s of this article. The week itself had themes that most people did not participate in, and even the Homecoming dance itself, an event that is usually looked forward to by the students, was not much of a hit at all, based on its low attendance. In the end though, the next day, during the Homecoming football game, the big win by the football team definitely raised everyone’s school spirit back up.

The Musket Game

The annual Musket Game went off without a hitch, packing the stands with passionate fans for both schools. The first two quarters Central and Highland were competing in a close game, but towards the end the intensity affected everyone who attended, including players. Highland slipped behind but never gave up, however, ultimately, Central took the win.

We interviewed Jenna Cook, Katie Darwitz, and Gaby Masiello about the game from a fan perspective. They all agreed that the game was exciting, but the loss affected the vibe overall.

There are still complaints that we do not give enough school spirit for our team during the games and that the mascot is slacking on energy, with one person even asking “Who even is the mascot?”.

Requests have also been made for better themed games as well as the themes being better announced. Few people followed the Musket Game theme of underclassmen wearing white and upperclassmen wearing red.

However, that is just off the field. We interviewed players off the varsity team including Mason Ferguson, Rasjus Jackson, Tre Hollamon and Amitri Collins. We asked how it felt to be out there that evening, on the bench or field, and it was unanimous that the word to describe it was “intense.”

Some of the players felt that Central had bad sportsmanship, while others felt it was reasonable because of the known tension at rivalry games. Many players felt that their personal game was on point but the plays and overall teamwork could have been better.

Disappointed, but never despairing – We’ll get ‘em next year.

2015-2016 Highland’s homecoming game

Chloe Hunter and I interviewed Lily O’Donnell and Davina Newman about the homecoming game against Fridley. Our first question was asked to Davina. “What was your favorite part of the game?” She answered saying she enjoyed watching Angelo Martin’s catch. We also asked her what she thought about the crowds enthusiasm, she said it could have been improved if people were more on their feet and cheering, she also would have liked a better game score. Over all she rated the game a 7 out of 10.

Lily’s favorite part of the game was watching the cheer leaders. She would have also wanted the crowd to improve their enthusiasm as well, although she was so excited that we won with a winning score of 21-20. She also mentioned how the score could have improved if it was more stretched out. She scored the game a 9 out of 10.

Over all they both enjoyed watching the game and agreed that there could have been more excitement and energy brought to the game, remember that next year Highland Scots!

Homecoming fan section

Great turnout for the fan section, lots of us repped our HP pride and came out in fun, red outfits to support our football players in the homecoming game against the Fridley Tigers. The bleachers were jam packed with fans cheering on the boys and supporting Highland Park athletics. We saw staff, students, parents, siblings, many former students, and many others come out to the homecoming game. We also had a great performance from the band. Being as this is the first homecoming game we’ve won in 2 years (last homecoming game won was in 2013) our fans were pumped! Although there were moments when we could have been a little louder, all together we had a pretty hyped fan section!

The game had mixed reviews, depending on the grade of the people interviewed, the opinions on the game and the fan section varied. One freshman rated the game a 7 out of 10, saying that the fan section was fun with players jumping on the stands and cheering up the crowd but wishes the highland mascot would have done more. Her favorite part of the game was the cheerleader’s halftime show. Her biggest complaint was the timing of the game, it felt too early and didn’t seem the same as a night game in terms of excitement. When asking a senior boy and girl, their opinions were almost the opposite. They agreed that the mascot was not the best, but also felt that the fan section was lame and needed more cheering.
The notorious Musket game, Highland vs Central, is scheduled for Friday, October 9th at 5pm. When mentioned, everyone interviewed said they were looking forward more to the musket game than the homecoming, with statements such as “there is more fan interaction” and “Central vs Highland game is always the best”!  

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.48.04 AM

photo courtesy of Ms. Hedwall

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.48.26 AM

photo courtesy of Ms. Hedwall

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.48.14 AM

photo courtesy of Ms. Hedwall

HPSH 2015 footballl

In his interview head coach David Zeitchick told the Pioneer Press “I don’t know what kind of football they play in the Tri-Metro, but we showed them what the City Conference is all about.”

After a win of 49-23. Highland’s senior quarterback and football captain Charles Klug completed 7 of 11 passes for 214 yards and four touchdowns.

When asked about the 2015-16 Varsity football team coach Zeitchick said “The key right now is to share the ball and for the players to know there is no one star of the team. We have a tight nit group of boys that have worked very hard all through the summer.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.21.44 AM

Both the coaches and the players have come into this season with more intensity ready to play and ready to win. Senior Quarterback Charles Klug said  “We need to come to every game ready to play as if we were playing Central.”

The 2015 Varsity football team has become more of a show than the past few years (tailgaiting, cheerleading, more enthusiastic fans) which makes it a lot more fun for the players and also a lot more fun for the fans.

All of our senior captains believe we have a strong chance of going undefeated for the rest of the season and making it to state. If you were going to choose one year to go to games this would be your year!

Fall sports recap

Fall sports are up and running at Highland Park! So far, we’ve been off to a good start with many wins against conference and non-conference teams. Here’s an update on all of the fall sports at Highland through the first week of school:

*UPDATED* Girls swimming and diving just got their first win of the season against Harding with a score of 94 to 69! This Saturday, the 19th, they will participate in the Laker Invite and hope to take home another win.

The football team is currently 3-1, with a big victory over St Croix Lutheran, the 5th ranked team in state. They also defeated rival Como Park with a score of 45-7. Two players from the team were nominated two weeks in a row for MNHSL football player of the week; Amitri Collins and Charles Klug.


Taken from the Highland Park Football Facebook page

The volleyball team has also had a successful start to the season, with a 7-2 record. They are also currently undefeated in conference. The weekend of the 11th and 12th, they participated in a tournament atVisitation with other schools around the twin cities. They finished in 2nd with wins against St Louis Park, Como Park, and Armstrong, but lost in the championship to Holy Angels.

The girls tennis team is also undefeated in conference, and currently holds a record of 5-6. Their next match in against Johnson at Highland, and they would love to see supporters come out to watch!

The danceline, coached by Ms. Mendenhall, has performed twice now at halftime at the home football games. They will also be performing a new dance at this falls pepfest. They are a crowd favorite!

Cross Country has only competed in two meets, but both have been successful. Senior, Micah Mather has won individual winner at both meets! Congratulations Micah!

Boys soccer is currently 3-1-1, and undefeated in conference. Last week they had two big wins over Johnson and Washington. Girls soccer holds an impressive record at 4-2-1, and they are also undefeated in conference. This week they will take on rival schools Central (at Central) and Como (at Highland). They would love to see fans come to support!

car Shared Driving- Car2go

Highland Park has entered a contest with Car2Go to win 10,000 for our athletic program. Many students participated by tweeting, “#Car2GoScots” which enters our school in the contest for a chance win. Highland Park is the only Saint Paul school that is getting involved with the contest, so make sure to Tweet or Instagram that hashtag to increase our chances of winning! The football team loves the turnout of fans and school spirit at the games! They still encourage everyone to come for an even bigger student section. Check back here for more updates on schedule and results:

Go Scots!

Football – Highland (V) vs. Central (H)

Thursday night’s Saint Paul City Conference/Musket game at Griffin Stadium between Highland and Central was an event not to be missed. It being Central’s Homecoming as well as their team having a good record so far this season, the Highland Varsity team knew they were up for a challenge. The game got off to a rough start, with a touchdown being scored by G. Gardner of Central for a 23 yard gain. Heading into the second quarter, the Scots knew they needed to amp up their game in order to stay in the fight to win the musket back from Central. After an interception by Central that lead to a touchdown and 80 yard gain, I. Brower scored a touchdown for a 17 yard gain, extra point scored by D. Bielinski.

The score going into halftime was 14-7, Central. Fresh out of the locker room, Central scored another touchdown, increasing their lead to +2 touchdowns. Late into the 3rd quarter, Highland gave Central a run for their money by scoring a touchdown off a pass from P. Munoz to I. Brower for a 7 yard gain, extra point completed by D. Bielinski. At that point in the game, the score was 21-14. The energy in the stands on the Highland side was incredible. Popular chants, such as “We are the Scotties, the mighty mighty Scotties!” and “Lets go Highland, Lets Go!” were alive and well.

Around the beginning of the 4th quarter, Central threw for another touchdown, this time from Taylor to Stunning for a 32 yard gain. Following, a touchdown pass from P. Munoz to I. Brower for a 28 yard gain with an unsuccessful extra point attempt. This brought the score to 28-20. At this point, the crowd was going wild. Winning felt within reach. Towards the end of the game, a touchdown via a run by Gardner of Central brought the game to a scored of 35-20. In the last 2 minutes of the game, the Scots scored again via a touchdown pass from P. Munoz to I. Brower, which ended up being the game ending score of 35-27.

Understandably, the team and the fans were disappointed however remained positive and in good spirits. Ethan Aune (#72, offensive and defensive tackle) shared his thoughts on the game: “I’m proud of my boys and we all need to remember that we win as a team and we lose as a team… The season isn’t over by a long shot.” With all said and done, the Scots are focused on their next game vs. Saint Paul Johnson, on Wednesday October 16th at 7:00pm at Bakken. #ScotsNation Always and Forever.

You can stay updated with HPSH Football by following the team on Twitter: @HPSHFootball 

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