‘Love Jacked’

By: Samera Adam

‘Love Jacked’ is a Netflix movie that stars Amber West, as main character Maya, and Canadian actor Shamier Anderson.

*Spoiler alert*

The movie starts with Shamier, who plays Malcolm, stealing from his friend Tyrelle. He wants to give the money to the pregnant wife of a man who lost all his money in a game of pool to Tyrelle. This causes Tyrelle to then be on the hunt for Malcolm to get his money back.

The main character Maya, is an artist who takes a trip to Africa to get some inspiration for her art, against her father’s will. She still proceeds to go on her 3-week trip. On her trip, she gets engaged but returns single.

When Maya lands back in Los Angeles she takes a trip to a local diner where she meets Malcolm.

When Maya meets Malcolm she tells him all about her trip to South Africa and how she caught her fiancé cheating on her but couldn’t tell her dad because she would just prove that her father was right all along about her not being ready to be married after just a short time.

After Maya is done ranting, she leaves and Tyrelle pops up on Malcolm, so Malcolm jumps into Maya’s car to escape. They then come up with a plan of if Maya helps Malcolm escape Tyrelle, then he has to play the role of her fiancé, Mtumbie. After the honeymoon though, “Mtumbie” would die and Malcolm would just leave the city.

The family eventually meets “Mtumbie” and they all form bonds with him and end up loving him.

The wedding happens, so then it is time for the plan to come to an end.

Maya tells her family that he had an accident and she returns home where they host his funeral.

At his funeral, the real Mtumbie comes and proposes to Maya but everyone is confused. Then “Mtumbie” comes ‘‘back from the dead” and professes his love for Maya.

Maya then comes clean with everything and they take a family honeymoon trip to Africa.

This movie is for sure a 5/5 because it contains romance with Maya and Malcolm eventually falling in love. There is also comedy. After all, a Canadian man acts as a South African, while faking an accent throughout the whole thing.

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