Candy: A spectrum of deliciousness

By: Isaac Lund

While many topics in today’s society are disagreed upon and argued against, one statement that I think everyone can agree on is one simple fact: candy is good.

However, while I do enjoy the occasional sweet treat, I think that some candies are simply not tasty. In order to rate the staple candies, I’ll be splitting them into two categories: fruit flavored candies and chocolate based candies.

Firstly, the chocolate based candies. Arguably the most well known candy, chocolate is popular for a reason. It’s delicious. However, only when done right. If the chocolate is combined with other materials in a weird way, or is made with low quality, then it can end up tasting bad.

Good chocolate based candies, in my opinion, include Milky Way and Twix, which combine caramel and chocolate; Crunch Bar and 100 Grand, which add in rice pieces for extra crunch; Butterfinger and Reese’s, who’s peanut butter chocolate combo is amazing; and Kit Kat and Heath, with crunchy centers.

All of these incorporate elements that enhance the experience, instead of taking away from it. While these candies are always welcomed into my diet, many chocolate candies are not so amazing.

Firstly, I don’t like Hershey’s because the chocolate is too low quality. This is an opinion shared by most Europeans, who have grown up with higher quality chocolate. Snickers has the same problem, with chalky tasting chocolate. I also don’t like M&Ms, because the candy coating makes them taste plasticine and overly sweet. Candy bars like Almond Joy and 3 Musketeers, that include fillings that are inherently not good, also belong at the bottom of my list.

Secondly, the fruit flavored candies. With a wider range of textures and selections, fruit flavored candies can land on a much larger spectrum of deliciousness. Some are as good as it gets, and some are completely inedible.

Candies that are very tasty include Skittles, whose texture is unbeatable; Smarties, which are pleasing in both taste and packaging; Airheads and Starburst, whose flavors are unbeatable; and Nerds, who are deliciously crunchy. Also belonging on the good end are all sour candies, who make you pucker all while being simultaneously sweet.

All of these candies are good in both texture and flavor.

Candies that don’t share this goodness are Laffy Taffy, which stick to your teeth and the wrapper; Dots, which are just nasty; and Mike & Ike’s, which make me nauseous.

These candies aren’t pleasurable in either flavor or texture, or both. I would rather eat gummy vitamins, which are both tastier and more nutritious, than eat any of these.

While candy is a staple in the dessert world, I believe that some companies need to reevaluate their candies’ quality, and help the world be a better place.

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