Spps’s new block-schedule proposal

By: Marcus Lund

This December, Saint Paul Public Schools announced an upcoming change to the daily lives of students and teachers: a four period block schedule. There are a multitude of reasons behind this change, the school board stated.

Firstly, the new schedule decreases passing time. With only three passing times, as opposed to six, the board hopes that this schedule will greatly decrease behavioral issues that occur during those passing times. “Less transition, less chaos,” says board member Chauntyll Allen.

Second, the school board believes that this new schedule will improve student mental health; an issue that rose in priority over quarantine. According to SPPS, seven-period days have always been stressful for students. College and career readiness director Darren Ginther says, “It was just extremely amplified during the pandemic.”

Third, this new schedule will allow for more electives for students, which will improve learning across more diverse subjects, as well as increase student’s drive to learn. Also, incorporated into the block schedule will be a daily advisory period, which will focus on school announcements and de-stressing.

However, Highland students don’t seem to agree with this transition. One student said that the change “Is like a pro and con essay, but there are no pros.”

Many students agree, wanting to keep their passing time, and not wanting daily advisory. “Advisory sucks, why would I want it everyday?” said one.

“I Literally see no point to the new schedule,” said another.

The most positive remarks I received were from students neutral on the matter. “I don’t really care,” said one of the more indifferent students.

Dissent for this system is brooding among parents as well. Some believe that a daily gap between consecutive classes will lead to more procrastination, as well as students forgetting the things they learned.

Is this really the change that anybody needed?

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