So, let’s talk about the presidential debate

By: Quentin Miller 

Image taken from: CNN

First things first, it was awful, and I’ll explain why.

Probably the most offensive part of the whole debate was the interruptions, think what you want of either candidate, interrupting your opponent is childish no matter how you look at it. And both Trump and Biden failed to understand the concept of letting each other actually answer questions almost the entire debate.

Next problem I have, Biden was very immature with some of his comebacks. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love some sas, but the first presidential debate is definitely not the right time or place. Specifically inappropriate quotes include, “Will you shut up, man?” and “It’s hard to get a word in with this clown.”

Problem number three, Trump’s insane takes, specifically on white supremacy. 

Now, did Trump endorse white supremacy openly? No. But he did refuse to condemn it, using the excuse he didn’t know the group, “The Proud Boys,” were actually white supremacist, despite the fact he was explicitly told they were indeed white supremacist. Also, while avoiding the problem, he said the real problem is Antifa and the left. And, when a sitting president says the most dangerous things in America are people who don’t like fascism and their greatest political threat, that might be a bit fascist. 

Next problem, Biden is kind of a fence sitter and people aren’t calling him out on it enough. Specifically, his stances on the BLM movement, because he really panders to both sides on it. While he says he is in support of the BLM movement (as anyone should be), he also constantly refuses to truly criticize active oppressors of the black population of America, specifically, police. One specific quote from the debate, and reported on, I think really shows how conflicting his opinion can sometimes be “Yes, there’s systemic injustice. The vast majority of police officers are good, decent honorable men and women … but there are some bad apples.”

So, let me get this straight, there’s systemic injustice, but also the people who work directly for a group guilty of said injustice are mostly good? That’s just not how it works, either the idea of police is systemically racist or most police fight for good, there’s no middle ground.

And that’s about every major problem I had with both sides, outside of these things, they mainly just yelled over each other while repeating the same things they’ve been repeating for the past few months.

Honestly in the opinion of someone who watched the full thing, I would have to say it’s not worth the watch. The recent vice presidential debate was much better, Harris and Pence both did much better jobs representing their running mates.


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