Melbourne stabbing spree

On November 9th, it was reported that a man was fatally shot by the police after he started a stabbing spree at Melbourne’s busy, shopping, city center. Witnesses had reported that they saw the man get out of his car and then his car burst into flames shortly after. The man was able to stab about 3 people before the officers could arrive at the scene. A bystander was able to record a video of the confrontation between the man and the officers. One of the civilians was trying to help the officers by pushing a cart into the man with the knife.

The officers were able to finally shoot the man in the chest and he was taken to the hospital. The man died 30 minutes later. Graham Ashton, chief commissioner of the Victoria police, has a released a statement stating, “We are treating this as a terrorism incident.” Ashton had stated that the attacker was known to federal intelligence agencies but was not being closely monitored. 

The police later released, to the public, that the man was identified as Hassan Shire Ali and that he drove a 4×4 truck full of gas bottles which he then  used to ignite the vehicle. Police said they had already spoken to Shire Ali’s wife when asked.

The police did not identify the victims, but local media news said Sisto Malaspina was fatally stabbed. Sisto Malaspina is the owner of a cafe, that is quite well known, called Pellegrini’s. One of the other victims was a 60-year-old man who was stabbed right in the face and died at the scene despite the paramedics’ effort.

The last victim is a 58-year-old man named Rod Patterson. He had just recently returned from his vacation, and he was try to intervene to stop the attacker. On a Facebook page, his wife Maree thanked all the well-wishers that had posted on their page.

Aaksh Velma was a witness, who was still working his shift when the incident happened. He mentioned that he saw the police attempt to use pepper spray and a stun gun, but it didn’t affect Shire Ali at all, thus this is why the police had to pulled out their guns. When Velma was asked about if Shire Ali tried to get away, Velma responded, “The person didn’t look like he wanted to run away, he wanted to stay and fight. He was saying nothing. He had a million chances to run away, there were many laneways.”

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