Best-looking Marvel actors and actresses

Movie theaters are being filled with, what seems like, a new Marvel movie every month, with Deadpool 2, The Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and The Wasp, being released this year.

In the world of comic book films, it’s crucial that the actors match the character; this can either make or break the entire film. However, we do have to admit how great of an advantage it is when the actors are major eye candy. Here is a list of the best-looking marvel actors:

1. Micheal B. Jordan

(image taken from:

With the recent release of Black Panther, Micheal B. Jordan is new to the Marvel scene, however, has undeniably caught our attention with his fierce character and devious smile. In addition to the abundance of shirtless fight scenes, you get to really see why Jordan ranks #1 on this list of Marvel eye candy.

2. Chris Hemsworth

(image taken from: wiki/Chris_Hemsworth)

One word. Four letters. THOR! Chris Hemsworth is definitely the full package; the accent, the body, the hair. We definitely can’t forget that he plays a God, which only makes him exceed the limit of attractiveness.

3. Ryan Reynolds

(image taken from:

In Ryan Reynolds role in Deadpool, it’s safe to say that no matter how funny, Wade Wilson definitely isn’t good looking at all – post-experiment of course! However, there is truly tons of eye candy under that burnt face of Wade Wilson. Reynolds was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, which is not a surprise. He has a great sense of humor and combined with his ability to effortlessly look jaw-dropping, Reynolds is at number three on this list of Marvel eye candy!

4. Hugh Jackman

(image taken from:

Jackman has had our hearts since the dawn of time with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When interviewed by Ryan Reynolds for ET, Jackman was asked: “Do you ever age?” Jackman proudly responded, “not since 2008.” It may be a shock to know that Jackman is actually 49 years old, and without a doubt, his looks only continue to get better with age. In the third and final film of the Wolverine series, Logan, Jackman flaunts his full-grown bushy beard. When it comes to Hugh Jackman, age is definitely just a number!

5. Scarlet Johannsson

(image taken from:

Without a doubt, Scarlet Johannsson is who women want to be, and who men want to be with. At just 33, Johannsson was listed number 1 on World’ds Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses, has a star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame, and has plenty more accomplishments. She continues to surprise audiences with her ability to play versatile roles, from her performance in Lost in Translation to her fierce role in Lucy. In an article with DailyMail, the actress admits that she has missed out on roles because she was considered “too sexy.” However, her sexiness definitely earns her a role on this list.

6. Chadwick Boseman

(Image taken from:

We definitely can’t forget Chadwick Boseman! Coming in sixth place is the honorable Black Panther. We first saw Chadwick in the Avenger face-off Captain America: Civil War, which undoubtedly sent enthusiasm through the crowd. Chadwick is the king of everyone’s dreams. In a Rolling Stones article, Director Ryan Coogler described why he choose Boseman, saying, “His physicality, his reserved personality, the way he looks younger than he is, wise beyond his years.” Boseman is a rookie to the Marvel scene, however, it’s exciting to see what the future has in store for the King of Wakanda.

7. Lupita Nyongo

(image taken from:

In 2014, Nyongo triumphed #1 as People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful Women. She’s also the first Kenyan- Mexican actress to receive an Academy Award. In her recent role in Black Panther, Nyongo graced the audience with her gorgeous glow and humor, but also intense battle scene as she plays a strong black female character.

8. Danai Gurira

(image taken from:

Yes, another Black Panther actress! It’s clear that not only did these women dominate Marvel’s Black Panther, but also this list of Marvel’s eye candy. Danai is no stranger to our eyes, as she starred in The Walking Dead, and All Eyes On Me, however, we can confidently say we aren’t going to get tired of her anytime soon. Gurira does an amazing job, and truly embodies feminism, bravery, and strength in her role as Okoye in Black Panther. This is also shown in her personal life as she is an activist, and has founded a non-profit organization called Love Our Girls. Danai Gurira is truly the finest example of beauty shining inside and out.

Fun Fact: Danai Gurira earned her Bachelor of Arts of Psychology at Macalester College

9. Krysten Ritter

(image taken from: CV4cIwI_U7f/ 20th+Annual+Webby+Awards+Arrivals/G-brgUhNFtg/Krysten+Ritter)

At number nine is Krysten Ritter; who plays Jessica Jones on Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter’s dark and awkward attributes give her a unique look that no one else could pull off. Ritter describes herself as “tall, gawky and really, really skinny,” which undoubtedly contributes to her early success in the modeling industry. Krysten has the perfect looks to play Jessica Jones, with her dark and strong features alone she amazes us, however, when combined with the awesomeness of her character and attitude, it can be confidently said that Krysten Ritter is definitely Marvel eye candy.

10. Robert Downey Jr.

(image taken from: wiki/Robert_Downey,_Jr.)

In a TMZ article, Robert Downey Jr.’s looks were put under a microscope to determine whether they were a result of money well spent or good genes. Either way, it’s undeniable that the 50-year-old actor steals the show with his great looks. This is another case of looks getting better with age. Speaking of age, Downey Jr. recently announced that he’ll soon be retiring from Iron Man. Fortunately, this won’t have an effect on how sexy he is, however, some of you Iron Man fans might be disappointed.

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