Wiki tribune

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales recently launched a new website that wants to stop the spread of fake news. He wanted a place were people could view real news and believable things that aren’t fake. Wales said, “The news is broken, but we’ve figured out how to fix it.”

On April 25 the the website, which is called Wikitribune, launched and is free to the plublic. He didn’t want Wikitribune to be complicated because he wants it to be easy to access. Wikitribune is similar to Wikipedia, but Wales wants professional journalists, reporters, and a crew, instead of random people who could just add random things to the website.

The website is having a co-founding campaign, which has over 1,000 supporters. The website might go live first in the U.K. Wales told the news that many of the news websites would twist the information so that the viewers might find it interesting, and that sometimes they do it for the views because they know what the views are looking for.

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